Wednesday, December 29, 2010


One year later and I missed Tim's birthday AGAIN!!! Damn.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


While tailgating in true Hoosier fashion at IU yesterday, I was wandering around the fields with a couple of my close girlfriends. Every year the mere sight of the camaraderie that happens on the IU tailgating fields makes me one of the happiest people alive. It just makes my heart smile :). As I'm taking all of this scenery in and trying to weave my way between trucks and SUV's, I nearly ran into a couple who were obviously having a "moment". They were holding onto each other by the waist (not sure if they were holding each other up or if this was just their embrace) and they were talking to each other with their faces literally an INCH apart. It took all of my might to fight back the sudden urge to run up to them, stand creepily inside their personal space, and start chanting "MAKEOUT, MAKEOUT!!" Since I understand that unless your name is Tim or Nathan, this is not a socially acceptable thing to do, so I refrained. And in the midst of my happiness, a rush of sadness came over my whole self, wishing that right at that moment my boys were with me.

On a completely separate note, another part of this exciting tailgate day was the drive down to Bloomington. As my friend and I got onto 37 heading south, we ended up behind a tiny red S10. You know, the truck that does have backseats but they are so small that they face sideways. As we were laughing at the fully grown male squished in the backseat, we wondered how, out of the three boys in the truck, they decided who got shotgun and who got to sit in the back. We followed them quite a distance and as we got into the Martinsville stoplights, I told my friend we should write them a note and hold it up to the window. The only paper we had was a very small flip-style notebook. So she wrote them a note, one word per page, and at one of the stoplights we got their attention. She was too embarrassed to hold up our notes and made me do it, even though I was driver. So as she tried to sink lower in her chair and couldn't look ahead of us I flipped through the notebook pages of our sentence. All three boys were completely turned around in the truck reading our note and communicating back to us with hand motions. It was so hilarious that we laughed until we cried. (Then we had another 20 minutes of driving to Bloomington beside them which was just awkward...and I loved it)

My friend who was with me had the BEST idea ever. She said I should keep a dry-erase board in the car for the ease of writing future messages to passing cars. Next time I am at Wal-Mart I am buying a dry-erase board because I feel like the next time I travel with Tim and Nathan we NEED this!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just the Necessities

Tim and I made a Wal-Mart run for "just the necessities". This obviously included bread, milk, a swimming noodle, and a plastic baseball bat. Tim explained to the woman checking us out that these were, in fact, the necessities.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jersey Shore vs. Midwestern Fields

If you're an avid "Life With Male Roommates" blog follower (Liz), you may have noticed the comment under the post titled 'Happy Belated Birthday!' A nice young woman wants to discuss the possibility of a docu-reality show. Could you imagine us on TV? Hmmm... Tim and I read the comment and then sat down to discuss our lives as a reality television show. (I take that back, we discussed it in the car while I was driving Tim downtown to work because he had an allergic reaction to his contacts. He practically couldn't see at all, whereupon he decided to comment on his near-blindness by saying, "I feel like Ray Charles with no talent. I'm as useful as boobs on a nun." Sometimes I wonder about him.)

So what IS the number one difference between Snookie, The Situation, and the rest of the Jersey Shore crew and the three of us??? Intellect. I may only post the stupid/funny stories from the apt but the three of us are truly intelligent people who are really doing things with our lives. We were corn-bred and corn-fed. All three of us are from very small towns but have somehow ended up in the big city together. (Big as in the biggest in Indiana) We like to work hard and play harder. The folks of Jersey Shore only know how to play.

As Tim and I discussed our potential tv star lives we decided that we would have WAY more fun if we had someone else funding our lives. Rather than living on our still fresh-out-of-college budgets, we could afford to do SO MANY ACTIVITIES! Since we were on the topic of our financial lives, Tim and I decided (as all intelligent people do) to discuss the money that goes along with being reality tv stars. I felt that we should keep ourselves on a moderate budget that allows us to have a lot of fun and be entertaining on television, but keeps us humble. We could then take the excess money that we make outside of this budget and start donating it to organizations, grants, scholarship funds, etc. that we wanted to. Each episode we could choose something different to support. For example, my friend Stacy works at one of the top facilities for recovering addicts. They work very hard to prepare grant proposals and keep the funding necessary to allow them to be so successful. Let's say we make $4,000 on an episode (I am completely making this up...I have no idea how much money a reality episode makes). We could spend $2000 on something great for the next episode, and donate $2,000 to her company's funding. No matter what is done with the money, Tim and I agreed that money always changes EVERYTHING. And the three of us would vow to not allow it to change our friendship in a negative way.

We further discussed the hilarious and fabulous things we would do for the tv cameras. Later that day I was home while Nathan was at the apt for just a few minutes. I told him about our potential for stardom and, true to Nathan's form, he was psyched. He clearly wants to be on reality tv rather than become a Physical Therapist, but who wouldn't?!?!

There are many reasons (which will remain undisclosed) as to why Nathan's (I mean...all of our) lives should NOT be on a camera. We're just not sure the world can handle us. We're funny, smart, charming, and wholesome. There's not a whole lot of that in reality television. So maybe that's exactly why we should become our own show! I would, of course, continue to blog so that the world could continue to read my thoughts on what it is exactly like living with male roommates, especially these two. I guess time will tell! :)

Code Language

In reference to the previous post, I was forced by Tim, who was sitting beside me, to use the boys' secret code language in my texts to Nathan. They actually have full conversations using these words and only using each others' tone of voice to base their next comment. It is very important to emphasize whether something is a question, statement, or exclamation by using the pitch of your voice in order to speak in this language. Or, you may get the wrong answer.


I just had a very important text conversation with Nathan. It went like this:

Me (texting): "Tim and I have been looking at some houses online. Any chance you can come down to Indy tomorrow and drive around with me to look at them? Balshoy?

Nate (texting back): "I'll see what I can do if I shoya in time."

Me: "Bogai. Don't forget your fluggez."

Nate: "Dashuna?"

And that was the end.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday

Well, I missed BOTH boys' birthdays this year. I'm a terrible friend/roommate. I literally had no idea when their birthdays were. That's a lie...I had an idea...I just completely forgot about it when the time got close. So I still owe both of them birthday drinks, or a birthday gift, or a birthday cake, or ANYTHING relating to their birthdays!

When I got home at 10:00 Sunday night and decided to clean the fridge/kitchen while I was putting groceries away I conveniently tossed some cookies that I thought had been sitting there out in the open for too long and were old. These were Nathan's birthday cookies from his lady friend. Considering I missed his birthday, I had no idea where they came from or what they were for. The next day I found out that they were special cookies and were, in fact, not old and Nathan was PISSED at me. He's so mad at me that he has avoided me for the past two days so he doesn't have to speak to me. Even though I know that he doesn't want my cookies, I'm just his roommate, I went ahead and made him some new cookies tonight. As I was mixing the ingredients I realized that the only stick butter we had was "salted light butter." I took food chemistry, I knew when I looked at the box that this was not going to be good, but I used it anyway. Typical to my nature of always being right, the cookies were a disaster and I blame it all on the butter. They were a large runny blob on the pan (the first of which I burnt to a crisp and had to open every window). The second blob on the pan I fed to Tim, and I tried to avoid letting Nathan see that I attempted to make him new cookies. It is hard to hide the smell of charred cookies in a small apartment. It was by far the worst baking disaster I have had since high school when I tried a new pie recipe and used frozen fruit. I have never and will never use frozen fruit in a pie again in my life. The same goes with salted light butter...

Happy Anniversary

Today (June 15) is exactly one year since the best bedroom in the apartment became MY bedroom. Looking back, it is funny how many things have changed around here, and how many have stayed the same.

Last year I slept on an air mattress all summer, this year I have a comfy bed :)

Last summer/fall the boys and I spent many nights staying up way too late having "kitchen conversations" which entailed standing in the kitchen eating some sort of junk food and telling hilarious stories of our days (and me probably doing some sort of ballet using the wall as my barre). This year, our lives have gotten the best of us and we're lucky if we find the time on Sunday/Monday nights to tell stories of just the weekend.

The boys inserting my name or their names into songs is exactly the same from last year to now. We have had some good ones lately. For example, I made up one while listening to some country on a drive home. I laughed so hard out loud that I texted it to Tim...and I got no response. It was clearly not as funny as I thought, but it went something like this. "Tim gets down, he turns around, he boots, he scoots, and he BOOGIES!" Hahahaha. If you want to be a part of the fun, just stop on by the apartment sometime and your name will undoubtedly be inserted into one of the newest rap songs or oldest classics!

A year ago all that was ahead of us was a crazy year of living together. Now what's ahead of us is Nathan is moving out at the end of the month, and Tim and I have no idea what we're doing with our lives as far as living situation goes. It's sad and funny how time passes so quickly. And when a stage of our lives is over we have to smile because it happened, not frown because it's ending.

I love both of these boys so much it hurts. I don't always show it, but if you think about it, we all tend to treat, from time to time, the people we care about the most the worst. It's like people get this irrational idea in their heads that if someone is SUPPOSED to know you love them, you don't have to show or tell them. And I am no exception to this generalization.

Sadly, our time together with all three of us is very limited and we literally have no weekend left that we will all be together. However, the good news is that Nathan should be done with summer school and will probably come visit us every weekend anyway!

God Bless America

I haven't blogged in so long that there are a thousand stories to catch up on, but I'll just give a couple of them tonight.

The boys and I successfully survived another year of the Indianapolis 500. We did not attend this event together, so the boys' experience I only know of by what I've heard.

Before the big day Nathan and Tim went race-day shopping. They had a big "Red, White, and Booze" party to attend on Saturday at the campgrounds so they had to put together the best American apparel they could find. They ended up shopping in the womens' section of Target (the first problem) and really only found clothing that they intended on wearing over their speedos for a short amount of time. In fact, Nathan's exact words were, "I only want to take clothing that I know I can remove and leave there." This scared me for them.

Turns out between their speedos, shorts, cutoff shirts, and headpieces, I'm sure they were two of the best dressed. I wanted to have a pre-race photo shoot of all of us in our race clothing before the weekend (specifically to post the photos on the blog) but didn't get this done. :( I personally liked Tim's $5 shirt so much that I went to Target and bought one for myself to cut up for the day of the race.

Tim and Nathan made some new friends that day. Well...kinda. If by friends I mean people who were asking Tim all day where Nathan went with the beer bong. Evidently, Nathan took the beer bong and decided to go wander the grounds by himself for...oh...a few HOURS. Since it wasn't Tim's day to watch Nathan, he was of no assistance in helping everyone else find the long lost beer bong. After this episode, Nathan crawled into the back of a truck to sleep, and Tim slept all night in a chair sitting straight up. Wow...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Little Giants

As I was sitting here in the living room finishing writing the "Top Ten" post (please see two posts down), I was noticing the three copies of "Wabash Magazine" that we receive. (1 for Nathan, 1 for Tim, and 1 for Josh. I am surprised we don't get 1 for Sam, too) Anyway, I just needed to share this. The cover topics include:

Monon Mantra: "I WILL NOT FAIL YOU"

What Women Want From Their Wabash Men

Behind the Mask (What your doctor really thinks)

Secrets to a Long Happy Life

MORE SEX & better sleep

Recipe > for fitness

And beside all of these hot cover topics, there is a caricature man with a relatively small body, very large arms, and a HUGE head with HUGE eyes. This little giant of a man is literally smirking at me from the cover of "Wabash Magazine."

Ok, what I REALLY want to know is what I, as a woman, should be getting from my Wabash men. I can't wait to read that article. I also can't figure out why it says "More Sex and Better Sleep." Because since I have moved in here there has been no sex and worse sleep (bc of Tim's alarm clock...another story). And the best part of all of this? I was curious what this little man with such large features was doing on the cover so I hollered to the boys to ask them what their mascot is and they both responded with, "The Little Giants."

I laughed until I had tears rolling down my face. Excluding one guy in particular, everyone I have ever met from Wabash College is actually a "little giant." Let's face it, guys do not go to Wabash College for the girls...they go for the athletics and academics. They may not be large people, but they have large muscles, large brains, and large (sometimes awkward) personalities!

For the next time you wonder what a Hoosier is, I will tell you. A Hoosier is tradition.

A Little Giant is just what it says. And I need to go to bed so I can stop laughing out loud since both boys were insulted by my laughing, attacked me with pillows, and smothered me to try to get me to stop.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nathan Did NOT Win the Lottery :(

Since Nathan was having the luckiest day of his life (he got an A on his test, won the hunting lottery previously mentioned, and found his shotgun sights he'd been looking for for months) we decided we should stop at the first sketchy gas station we could find on the way to the airport for real lottery tickets. So Hoppes, Nathan, and I all counted our pennies out to buy a couple of tickets each. In the words of Nathan, "The dirtier, the better."

Nathan did NOT win the lottery that day. He determined that his luck had run out. Hoppes must have picked up Nathan's luck because she won $5. Lucky.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Top Ten Reasons Tim is Still Single

Tim's creepiness dates back ages. Girls like me love his creepiness and end up living with him...and not being able to live without him. However, there are a handful of girls in the world who just don't understand the Tim we all know and love. The three of us in the APT can't figure out why girls don't fall head over heels for Tim. So Nathan and I have put together this list of episodes so that my blog audience can be the judge of why he is still a single man.

When Tim was in college he was smitten with a beautiful young lady. Nathan asked Tim,
"Hey, whatever happened with that girl?" Tim told Nathan that he did call her. When Nathan asked Tim how many times he called, Tim responded with, "Nine." So Nathan asked why he called so many times and Tim said, "Because I thought maybe she didn't have caller ID, or didn't realize I was trying to call." The girl never responded. Then, one evening shortly after, Tim decided to go for a late night run and happened to bump into this girl walking with another of his teammates and they both pretended the "nine calls in a few hours" never happened. Awkwarddd.

Tim is a better dancer than 99% of girls. They are intimidated by him.

When we are out he usually chooses to dance and hit on the old married women.

Somehow pieces of my laundry always end up mixed in with Tim's laundry. We are not sure how this happens, but when girls DO come over they find other girls' clothing in Tim's room. It's always mine, but he has gotten into BIG trouble for this before. I think it's hilarious :D

Tim makes everyone who enters the apartment for the first time do a beer bong. Male...or female.

His lovemaking playlist consists of Beethoven and Mendelssohn.

If Tim takes a girl fishin' in the dark out at the lake, it may be 20 minutes before he notices that when he was casting out his line it got caught on the grass behind him and he really hasn't had a line in the water at all.

Tim lives with a girl who will judge all other girls before they are allowed in his life. This is no short or easy judgment process, either.

Tim was facebook stalking one of his most recent attractions. (Don't act like this is creepy, you know you do it, too. And you probably not only stalk the person but also their friends' and families' profiles. Well Tim decided to go back approximately 3 years on her profile and comment on a post one of her friends had written.

(Girl's friend): "Hey girl! Are we still going out Thursday night??!" (Remember, this was 3 yrs ago)
(Tim Rickard Comment): "Wait...this Thursday?"

He switches his bedsheets between Monopoly and Star Wars

Wednesday, April 7, 2010



Ok, not the real lottery. This one is even better. It's the Salamonie Turkey Hunting lottery. Two years in a row Nathan put his name in the lottery for being allowed to hunt Salamonie and for two years in a row he has been chosen as one of the lucky few to hunt these beautiful grounds. I keep telling him to just sit on my front porch and take out the turkeys that continuously wonder through my parents' front yard. But he knows better because my mom would put a bullet in his ass if he shot something on her property :)


Tim was a productive guy last night. He watched multiple episodes of South Park while skyping with my friend who moved to Vietnam at the same time. (Tim has a camera on his computer, and I don't, so I added my friend to his skype)

From my bedroom in the back of the apartment I hear Nathan yell, "Hey Tim, can I get you some ice cream?" The boys like to be REALLY nice to each other in the area of getting the other one some sort of edible or drinkable substance that is bad for them. It's like a freakin game of "Let's see if we can make each other fat." Except their metabolisms and workout regimens don't allow them to gain a pound or an inch, unless it's a pound of muscle and an inch of bicep. But for ME it is not a game. I can look at ice cream and gain a pound. Not fair.

Anyway, Tim responds, "No, no ice cream but I'll take a Busch Light!" So of course Nathan quickly gets him a beer. All three of us then began a video chat on skype with my friend Josh, who was at work where all his coworkers could hear everything we were saying. And since everything around here is a family affair, we were all huddled around the computer camera (Tim and I were hogging it so Nathan wasn't really seen).

We ended the Skype session, I went to bed, and the boys went back to studying. At this point it was pretty late at night and Tim had nearly finished his beer.

When I woke up this morning there were three more beer cans at the sink.


Can't Live Without 'Em

It has been proven. I absolutely cannot live without these two boys. Now, I take a LOT of pride in my ability to be independent. I don't need anyone to do anything for me, especially not a man. I can do it myself. This stems back to when I first learned to talk. A majority of the Gidley home videos have me boldly stating (ok, more like yelling in a little kid voice) "ME DO IT!!" to my mother, father, sister, or anyone who was in my way or doing something for me that I felt I could do myself.

Well the boys took off on a Florida road trip for Spring Break and I was gone for a few days in LA, so I didn't even have to spend that much time at the apt by myself. But in the short period of a few days I broke the laundry room doors and ruined Nathan's nice dining room table with nail polish remover. Needless to say, the doors didn't get fixed until Nathan came home and fixed them because I couldn't get the dang things to line up on the track. And now I have to bring my dad down here to sand and refinish the spot on Nathan's table.

Out of this I have concluded that I do in fact need men in my life. But only three. Tim, Nathan, and dad.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Need a Refill?

This post as well as a few following are weeks late....sorry.

It was a Friday night. Nathan had the honor of being the only guy spending the evening with me, Stacy, Kate, and Megan. It was a small group compared to our usual weekend crew but it would turn out to be no less of an exciting night.

We got to Brothers and immediately ran into Kate's friends from school. The one who I spent a significant amount of time with during my senior year of college my roommate went right up to with a pitcher of beer and loudly asked, "NEED A REFILL?" And before waiting for a response he filled the guy's (who we'll call J-WAD) glass the rest of the way up with Bud Light when the starting drink was probably NOT beer. It was most likely some sort of mix of Johnny. I found this hilarious because I think he deserves to have his drink ruined.

We claimed a table back by the bathrooms (our typical place at Brothers) and proceeded to sit there for HOURS carrying on much louder than 5 people should. When it was time to head home we were quite the scene on the street. As I was leaving I saw a guy who I had been searching for through the window and THREW myself up to the window like I could give him a hug through the window, then blew him a kiss as my friends pulled me away by each arm.

The walk to the car did not get any better. Nathan was practically running and Kate's feet hurt so bad that she was literally threatening all of us that she was going to start crying. As Stacy was attempting to comfort Kate and reassure her that we were only about 30 seconds from the car Kate started making "crying noises". Like she was convincing herself to start crying. I was laughing so hard at her I actually WAS crying! I could barely walk because I wanted to fall to the ground laughing.

We realized that night that we do not need a large group to be just as crazy.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

'I Hoppes'

Tim has officially replaced the word "HOPE" with the word "HOPPES". In an attempt to further pick on one of my favorite girlfriends from home, Tim now uses phrases like:
"I HOPPES tonight is a good night!"
"I HOPPES I get to see Alesha this week."
"I am very HOPPES-ful that I get an A on my Chem test this week."
...and so on it goes...

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Gary and Marta Influence

Over their past couple visits to the 'Bash, the boys have picked up on something that my parents(specifically my mother)tend to do consistently. If people ever wonder why I act so spoiled, my father is probably to blame. He has three women in his life that he spoils endlessly by doing anything we ask of him.

Well my mother, who is just one of the sweetest and most thoughtful people ever, graciously offers to do things for the boys when they are visiting in Wabash. Except she is not really offering, she is more volunteering my dad. For example:

Mom- "Boys, do you need your bags carried to the car? Gary can do that for you!"

Mom- "Boys, do you need something to drink from downstairs? Gary, go get them some coke!"

And etcetera. Since the boys have picked up on this (and find it absolutely hilarious because my dad always actually does what she says) they've decided to start using this method on me, as well as other visitors to the apartment. For example:

Nathan- "Julie, do you need help carrying your groceries in? Tim will help you."

So if you come over on a Friday night for our typical gatherings before making an appearance in Broad Ripple, you may be offered a beer bong. Being offered a beer bong is not unusual from the boys, but now it will go more like this:

Nathan- "Do you want a beer bong? Tim will get it for you!"

Tim- (Runs to go get beer bong)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Testing the Waters

This blog post is slightly, maybe months, late. Sorry. The above picture is the result of a night of sledding. I would just like for my audience to know that Tim is usually a very good-looking man.

A really bad poem/song written by me to summarize our sledding experience:
Tim and Liz went up the hill to fetch another sled.
Liz fell down and Tim broke his nose,
And the rest of us went tumbling after!

Ok, so Tim didn't ACTUALLY break his nose. We'll get to his torn-up face towards the end of the story. But Liz really did fall down...more than several times.

The hill behind our apartment is one that even Jack and Jill wouldn't attempt. And for some reason we found it necessary to sled down this steep, slippery slope, which led directly to the lake. The only chance you had of stopping was hitting the large rocks that surround the body of water (please see post "Boredom" for more rock details). And chances were, the rocks would not stop you, they would only hurt and ramp you at the same time.

To ensure our safety, the boys wandered pretty far out onto the lake, tools in hand (which Nathan got at a garage, and dug an ice-fishing hole to catch us some dinner while we were having fun. Determining that the ice was at least 6 inches deep (some of my male readers at this point are wishing they were like ice), the boys told me to call up Liz and Brian. For those of you who don't know Brian, he is probably twice your height and weight (but don't be fooled, he can swim like a freakin fish). Brian had convinced himself that the ice would not hold his body weight and he would end up in the middle of the frigid lake water. But Liz came over in true 'Oakland City' form in her hunting-style hot orange overalls and shoes that were far from snowboots. I caught this video after a few good runs down the hill by the boys, Sarah, and Liz. This is the evidence that Liz should have listened to Stacy when she tried to throw these non-grip shoes out of Liz's closet last year!

Once each of our butts had four bruises (each cheek) from the rocks that we were continuously hitting at the bottom of the hill, we all thought it would be a great idea to head to another area of the lake. We walked as far as we thought necessary to an area that looked like the snow ran smoothly from the top of the lake to the middle of the lake. We were convinced there were no rocks in this area. (Please keep in mind that the snow was so deep at this point that it would have been impossible to see a rock that was 2 feet in diameter. Also, it was nighttime--pitch black) So as we all stared at each other waiting to see who volunteered to go first, of course it was Tim who came running up behind us, said, "I'LL GO!" and threw himself belly down, head-first onto the sled and down the hill.

The other four of us watched from the top with high hopes for this new sledding spot. DOWN...DOwn...down...he went until BOOM! A sound rang through the air that made the other four of us wince. There were, in fact, no rocks; however, the way the snow had settled on the hill and lake did not allow us to see from the top of the hill that there was approximately a three foot drop between the land and water level. Tim had soared into the air for a split second before landing face-down, belly-down, spread-eagle onto the snow covered ice. This gave him three decent sized gashes down the center of his face, aaaaaand we decided to keep on moving around the lake to find a new spot.

Trekking through the snow and up and down the hill finally got the best of us and we headed back to the apartment to warm up. It was an awesome winter night, Tim's face is finally healing, and Brian came over to pick up Liz so we got to tell him all about what he missed out on!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Call of the Wild

If you don't believe in retail therapy, you're probably full of BS. When one of the three of us who live here in the apartment makes a new purchase, it typically makes us very happy. Mine usually consist of clothes, shoes, really cool hats, etc. Tim's "happy purchases" may include milk (or lack thereof), movies, new 'get lucky' boxers, or something techie. The materialistic things that make Nathan happy usually involve firearms or other odd objects that we can add to our already-full hunting gear hall closet.

This week Nathan bought new turkey calls. He had to immediately show them to me when I got home yesterday and he urged me to try them out. It takes a certain "tongue talent" to get these little instruments to work. (That's what she said)

If you could please picture the two of us standing in my bathroom looking at ourselves and each other in the mirror for about 15 minutes making various pitched turkey noises through a device inserted on the roof of our mouths.

One day later (today), Nathan is no less obsessed with his new toys. He now enjoys just keeping these in his mouth to make music...or call turkeys...all evening. I caught him in action...enjoy!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Girls' Night In

Friday night was meant to be taken easy. With the excitement of our friend Nicole visiting from New York on Saturday, we knew we needed to spend Friday preparing ourselves for the (excuse my french) shitshow that Saturday would be. So for the KD ladies (plus other very special friends) our way of preparing was ordering pizza and staying in to watch The Ugly Truth. Thankfully all of my friends know that whenever a girls' night is planned at my place, it will include boys.

**I would like to take a step back in time for a moment to preface the rest of our girls' night in story. Months ago when I first heard the words come loudly out of Nathan's mouth, "Oh THIS is embarrassing" I obviously went quickly to find out what was going on. It was then (followed by a few other incidents) that I realized my two roommates enjoy using that phrase to grab my attention and get me to walk into a situation where one of them is usually completely butt naked. I have since learned when I hear such a phrase to first grab my camera, and THEN walk in. (Sorry, photos will NOT be posted...I'm not looking to get kicked off of blogspot, people)**

Back to our girls' night in. With about 8 girls' eyes glued to the tv, feeling jealous of movie-only love story that was unfolding in the movie, I see Nathan waltz out from the hallway in merely a towel around his waste just to stop dead in his tracks in front of all the girls, look around, and say, "Oh THIS is embarrassing." True to his form, Nathan turned around and walked back out, but just before getting around the corner he dropped his towel so all the girls watched his bare butt walk away.

After this episode I heard Sonia yelling my name from the hallway saying that I was needed at the bathroom. I was most definitely not needed at the bathroom because once I got there BOTH boys were naked. Tim was pressed up against the sink and Nathan was just standing very awkwardly. I missed 30 seconds of movie for this image.

I haven't yet figured out why we even put movies in. The boys are a never-ending "reel" of fun to watch!

...And we're the three BEST friends that ANYONE could have!!

I have officially lost count of how many times we've watched The Hangover. I would like to give thanks/blame to my sister for buying it for me for Christmas.

Dear Sis,

We are losing sleep down here in Indy because we can't stop watching this movie. Please help.


If you ever come to visit our apartment you never know when you'll hear the words ring out, "HEY! There were Skittles in there!"

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A visit to the 'BASH

"The 'Bash" is to Wabash as "Btown" is to Bloomington. Tim and Nathan decided to take the risk of visiting my hometown, having dinner with my family, having a night out on the town at the infamous Kettle, and ultimately spending the night in the household I grew up in.

After a few directional phone calls the boys made it just in time for dinner. The meal was typical to our family meals held here in the apartment except there was an added Nathan (my sister's boyfriend) for added confusion. True to their relationship with my father, when dinner and dessert were done, the boys took all available food to present to my dad in the living room.

We goofed around awhile longer (and may have accidentally made Hoppes wait two hours on us) before we hit the town. First, though, Nathan tried to make friends with Buddy. (Buddy was NOT pleased)

After playing a couple of practical jokes on Hoppes (they involved the use of the name Heiser-please see previous post) we finally rolled up to the Kettle... known by all and frequented by many in the quaint little town. We posted up next to the entrance, claimed a corner table and proceeded to play card games while being extremely loud and obnoxious. The boys used their famous line of "THERE SHE IS" to older, questionably classy, women walking in the door, just to sink down into their chairs when they saw the husbands following. Tim and Nathan received many strange looks (most of which I'm sure they didn't even notice because that is typical wherever they go) but I could have been 100% correct on a prediction that they would get those looks. The people of my hometown HATE when they don't know who someone is and their entire life's story. Overall it was a fabulous time of playing Kings and "taking the little man off the cup."

The Hangover, and I mean the movie--not a legitimate hangover, was awaiting us at home. So after a few hours of fun in town we were all anxious to get home. The Bears snuggies Nathan had just given Tim and myself for Christmas were pulled out of their boxes, everyone put on pj's, and Kari, my sis, Nathan, Tim, and I all found a spot in the basement to watch one of the all-time best movies. (Which neither of the boys had seen yet) About five minutes into the movie everyone was sound asleep, except for Kari who was CRACKING up!

Around 4:30am I woke up, looked around at all the sleeping bodies, and tried to get people to get up and go upstairs to go to bed. The only person who would hear of such an idea was my sister, who goes into zombie mode once she's been asleep, but will sometimes listen. We had two beds set up for the boys in my bedroom but since they weren't budging, I said the hell with it and slept in one of their beds. Tim is an odd man when he sleeps. You can literally mold him into any position and he will sleep like that comfortably for the rest of the night. The way his neck was positioned on the tiny loveseat he was sitting on made me hurt just looking at him.

Upon waking later in the morning I learned from my mother that she tried her best to be polite and not make any noise that would wake the boys (who she thought were asleep in my room) So she went out to the laundry room to blow dry her hair in the morning so that the dryer would not be running on the same end of the house they were sleeping on. She told me that she shut the blow dryer off, opened the laundry room door (which happens to be close to the entrance to the basement) and heard some loud snoring (Tiiiiimmmm). She thought that was pretty strange so she walked down a few steps to find the boys and Kari fast asleep in the basement....Tim still in the same awkward position.

When Nathan and Tim finally woke up, we had some breakfast and then some morning entertainment:

The window in our kitchen is perfect for their version of the elevator, stairs, escalator, boat rowing, and many more. The boys were determined to watch The Hangover so we wasted the late morning hours of Christmas Eve day replaying the movie.

The last event that would take place in Wabash during their visit was a hunting trip. They got all decked out in Nathan's hunting gear to go catch us some food for the next week. Every time Tim needed to get from one spot in the room to the next while getting ready he somersaulted to it...which caused my dad to laugh just a little. We packed them a sandwich and sent them on their way to the woods.

It was sad to see them go. The next time Tim and Nathan would visit Wabash would not be so much fun. But that story is saved for a future blog post.