Monday, January 18, 2010

Girls' Night In

Friday night was meant to be taken easy. With the excitement of our friend Nicole visiting from New York on Saturday, we knew we needed to spend Friday preparing ourselves for the (excuse my french) shitshow that Saturday would be. So for the KD ladies (plus other very special friends) our way of preparing was ordering pizza and staying in to watch The Ugly Truth. Thankfully all of my friends know that whenever a girls' night is planned at my place, it will include boys.

**I would like to take a step back in time for a moment to preface the rest of our girls' night in story. Months ago when I first heard the words come loudly out of Nathan's mouth, "Oh THIS is embarrassing" I obviously went quickly to find out what was going on. It was then (followed by a few other incidents) that I realized my two roommates enjoy using that phrase to grab my attention and get me to walk into a situation where one of them is usually completely butt naked. I have since learned when I hear such a phrase to first grab my camera, and THEN walk in. (Sorry, photos will NOT be posted...I'm not looking to get kicked off of blogspot, people)**

Back to our girls' night in. With about 8 girls' eyes glued to the tv, feeling jealous of movie-only love story that was unfolding in the movie, I see Nathan waltz out from the hallway in merely a towel around his waste just to stop dead in his tracks in front of all the girls, look around, and say, "Oh THIS is embarrassing." True to his form, Nathan turned around and walked back out, but just before getting around the corner he dropped his towel so all the girls watched his bare butt walk away.

After this episode I heard Sonia yelling my name from the hallway saying that I was needed at the bathroom. I was most definitely not needed at the bathroom because once I got there BOTH boys were naked. Tim was pressed up against the sink and Nathan was just standing very awkwardly. I missed 30 seconds of movie for this image.

I haven't yet figured out why we even put movies in. The boys are a never-ending "reel" of fun to watch!

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