Monday, April 5, 2010

Need a Refill?

This post as well as a few following are weeks late....sorry.

It was a Friday night. Nathan had the honor of being the only guy spending the evening with me, Stacy, Kate, and Megan. It was a small group compared to our usual weekend crew but it would turn out to be no less of an exciting night.

We got to Brothers and immediately ran into Kate's friends from school. The one who I spent a significant amount of time with during my senior year of college my roommate went right up to with a pitcher of beer and loudly asked, "NEED A REFILL?" And before waiting for a response he filled the guy's (who we'll call J-WAD) glass the rest of the way up with Bud Light when the starting drink was probably NOT beer. It was most likely some sort of mix of Johnny. I found this hilarious because I think he deserves to have his drink ruined.

We claimed a table back by the bathrooms (our typical place at Brothers) and proceeded to sit there for HOURS carrying on much louder than 5 people should. When it was time to head home we were quite the scene on the street. As I was leaving I saw a guy who I had been searching for through the window and THREW myself up to the window like I could give him a hug through the window, then blew him a kiss as my friends pulled me away by each arm.

The walk to the car did not get any better. Nathan was practically running and Kate's feet hurt so bad that she was literally threatening all of us that she was going to start crying. As Stacy was attempting to comfort Kate and reassure her that we were only about 30 seconds from the car Kate started making "crying noises". Like she was convincing herself to start crying. I was laughing so hard at her I actually WAS crying! I could barely walk because I wanted to fall to the ground laughing.

We realized that night that we do not need a large group to be just as crazy.

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