Tuesday, June 15, 2010

God Bless America

I haven't blogged in so long that there are a thousand stories to catch up on, but I'll just give a couple of them tonight.

The boys and I successfully survived another year of the Indianapolis 500. We did not attend this event together, so the boys' experience I only know of by what I've heard.

Before the big day Nathan and Tim went race-day shopping. They had a big "Red, White, and Booze" party to attend on Saturday at the campgrounds so they had to put together the best American apparel they could find. They ended up shopping in the womens' section of Target (the first problem) and really only found clothing that they intended on wearing over their speedos for a short amount of time. In fact, Nathan's exact words were, "I only want to take clothing that I know I can remove and leave there." This scared me for them.

Turns out between their speedos, shorts, cutoff shirts, and headpieces, I'm sure they were two of the best dressed. I wanted to have a pre-race photo shoot of all of us in our race clothing before the weekend (specifically to post the photos on the blog) but didn't get this done. :( I personally liked Tim's $5 shirt so much that I went to Target and bought one for myself to cut up for the day of the race.

Tim and Nathan made some new friends that day. Well...kinda. If by friends I mean people who were asking Tim all day where Nathan went with the beer bong. Evidently, Nathan took the beer bong and decided to go wander the grounds by himself for...oh...a few HOURS. Since it wasn't Tim's day to watch Nathan, he was of no assistance in helping everyone else find the long lost beer bong. After this episode, Nathan crawled into the back of a truck to sleep, and Tim slept all night in a chair sitting straight up. Wow...

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