Friday, February 19, 2010

The Gary and Marta Influence

Over their past couple visits to the 'Bash, the boys have picked up on something that my parents(specifically my mother)tend to do consistently. If people ever wonder why I act so spoiled, my father is probably to blame. He has three women in his life that he spoils endlessly by doing anything we ask of him.

Well my mother, who is just one of the sweetest and most thoughtful people ever, graciously offers to do things for the boys when they are visiting in Wabash. Except she is not really offering, she is more volunteering my dad. For example:

Mom- "Boys, do you need your bags carried to the car? Gary can do that for you!"

Mom- "Boys, do you need something to drink from downstairs? Gary, go get them some coke!"

And etcetera. Since the boys have picked up on this (and find it absolutely hilarious because my dad always actually does what she says) they've decided to start using this method on me, as well as other visitors to the apartment. For example:

Nathan- "Julie, do you need help carrying your groceries in? Tim will help you."

So if you come over on a Friday night for our typical gatherings before making an appearance in Broad Ripple, you may be offered a beer bong. Being offered a beer bong is not unusual from the boys, but now it will go more like this:

Nathan- "Do you want a beer bong? Tim will get it for you!"

Tim- (Runs to go get beer bong)

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