Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jersey Shore vs. Midwestern Fields

If you're an avid "Life With Male Roommates" blog follower (Liz), you may have noticed the comment under the post titled 'Happy Belated Birthday!' A nice young woman wants to discuss the possibility of a docu-reality show. Could you imagine us on TV? Hmmm... Tim and I read the comment and then sat down to discuss our lives as a reality television show. (I take that back, we discussed it in the car while I was driving Tim downtown to work because he had an allergic reaction to his contacts. He practically couldn't see at all, whereupon he decided to comment on his near-blindness by saying, "I feel like Ray Charles with no talent. I'm as useful as boobs on a nun." Sometimes I wonder about him.)

So what IS the number one difference between Snookie, The Situation, and the rest of the Jersey Shore crew and the three of us??? Intellect. I may only post the stupid/funny stories from the apt but the three of us are truly intelligent people who are really doing things with our lives. We were corn-bred and corn-fed. All three of us are from very small towns but have somehow ended up in the big city together. (Big as in the biggest in Indiana) We like to work hard and play harder. The folks of Jersey Shore only know how to play.

As Tim and I discussed our potential tv star lives we decided that we would have WAY more fun if we had someone else funding our lives. Rather than living on our still fresh-out-of-college budgets, we could afford to do SO MANY ACTIVITIES! Since we were on the topic of our financial lives, Tim and I decided (as all intelligent people do) to discuss the money that goes along with being reality tv stars. I felt that we should keep ourselves on a moderate budget that allows us to have a lot of fun and be entertaining on television, but keeps us humble. We could then take the excess money that we make outside of this budget and start donating it to organizations, grants, scholarship funds, etc. that we wanted to. Each episode we could choose something different to support. For example, my friend Stacy works at one of the top facilities for recovering addicts. They work very hard to prepare grant proposals and keep the funding necessary to allow them to be so successful. Let's say we make $4,000 on an episode (I am completely making this up...I have no idea how much money a reality episode makes). We could spend $2000 on something great for the next episode, and donate $2,000 to her company's funding. No matter what is done with the money, Tim and I agreed that money always changes EVERYTHING. And the three of us would vow to not allow it to change our friendship in a negative way.

We further discussed the hilarious and fabulous things we would do for the tv cameras. Later that day I was home while Nathan was at the apt for just a few minutes. I told him about our potential for stardom and, true to Nathan's form, he was psyched. He clearly wants to be on reality tv rather than become a Physical Therapist, but who wouldn't?!?!

There are many reasons (which will remain undisclosed) as to why Nathan's (I mean...all of our) lives should NOT be on a camera. We're just not sure the world can handle us. We're funny, smart, charming, and wholesome. There's not a whole lot of that in reality television. So maybe that's exactly why we should become our own show! I would, of course, continue to blog so that the world could continue to read my thoughts on what it is exactly like living with male roommates, especially these two. I guess time will tell! :)

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