Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend Extravaganza!

Unfortunately, after I edited this entire post, there was nothing left that could be written. The end.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Excuse Me, Where's the Wine?

Wednesday #2: After both of us got through with our jobs, dinner, etc. etc. we thought the best idea would be to take advantage of the absolutely beautiful mountain air nights that have been occurring around here. At approximately 11:30pm we went down the street to the Kroger to get ourselves some wine (note* neither one of us REALLY likes wine). After searching the entire store 3 times we finally stopped to ask a lady where we could find some wine. She glanced at us like we were both CLEARLY from out-of-state and continued on to explain that: Only beer is sold outside of liquor stores Wine is only sold in liquor stores Liquor stores close around 9pm (

Just Enough Trash

Due to our crazy schedules, NB and I have tried to make Wednesday nights our crazy fun night. Sort of a Wednesday-funday mentality. Our first Wednesday together we thought that joining the locals at 'Joe's would be a great idea! We pulled on our boots and headed out the door to see what the saloon would be like. And here's the quote of the night: "These girls are just trashy enough for me to like them!"

Campus Visit

During our first day living together again, NB wanted to go to campus and to the medical campus in order to know where he needed to be going early the next morning. I wasn't originally going to go with him but decided, "What the heck, I might as well. The more I drive around, the more I will learn." I told NB that I would go with him and he informed me that I wasn't ALLOWED to go with him unless I wore my boots. Of course I then had to change my entire outfit. Plus, it was approximately 105 degrees outside and boots make your legs VERY sweaty. But we got some great pics!

Mission Successfully Abborted

Move-in weekend was almost over. Sunday morning GG, MG, JG, and myself all successfully managed to make ourselves toast with our breakfast. NB, on the other hand, was struggling. He woke up a little later than the rest of the crew, went to the kitchen to make his toast, and as I stood nearby him watching the process I heard him mumble (referring to wanting to cancel the toaster), "How do I abort this mission?!" Really?! Most normal people just push the cancel button or force the toast button back up. Not Nathan. I pretended like I didn't hear him.

A Few Notes

To catch up my random followers that don't know why I'm suddenly blogging again or for those of you who are new friends and need to know why we (NB, TR, or myself) convinced you to read this: A.) Copying from @therightsong blog, all future names will be abbreviations B.) NB and I are roommates once again for a short while. This blog will only last a few weeks C.) TR is not currently living with us (sad :( He's in a different state altogether) D.) These posts may not be AS funny because the trio has become a duo, we're currently missing 33.33% of our humor input. But I promise you should read on...


This post is connected to the few previous posts regarding the Miami trip, I am just writing it a year and a half later! The ONLY music we listened to during the entire trip to southern Florida was the Jason Aldean CD. And it was fabulous. End of story.