Sunday, September 26, 2010


While tailgating in true Hoosier fashion at IU yesterday, I was wandering around the fields with a couple of my close girlfriends. Every year the mere sight of the camaraderie that happens on the IU tailgating fields makes me one of the happiest people alive. It just makes my heart smile :). As I'm taking all of this scenery in and trying to weave my way between trucks and SUV's, I nearly ran into a couple who were obviously having a "moment". They were holding onto each other by the waist (not sure if they were holding each other up or if this was just their embrace) and they were talking to each other with their faces literally an INCH apart. It took all of my might to fight back the sudden urge to run up to them, stand creepily inside their personal space, and start chanting "MAKEOUT, MAKEOUT!!" Since I understand that unless your name is Tim or Nathan, this is not a socially acceptable thing to do, so I refrained. And in the midst of my happiness, a rush of sadness came over my whole self, wishing that right at that moment my boys were with me.

On a completely separate note, another part of this exciting tailgate day was the drive down to Bloomington. As my friend and I got onto 37 heading south, we ended up behind a tiny red S10. You know, the truck that does have backseats but they are so small that they face sideways. As we were laughing at the fully grown male squished in the backseat, we wondered how, out of the three boys in the truck, they decided who got shotgun and who got to sit in the back. We followed them quite a distance and as we got into the Martinsville stoplights, I told my friend we should write them a note and hold it up to the window. The only paper we had was a very small flip-style notebook. So she wrote them a note, one word per page, and at one of the stoplights we got their attention. She was too embarrassed to hold up our notes and made me do it, even though I was driver. So as she tried to sink lower in her chair and couldn't look ahead of us I flipped through the notebook pages of our sentence. All three boys were completely turned around in the truck reading our note and communicating back to us with hand motions. It was so hilarious that we laughed until we cried. (Then we had another 20 minutes of driving to Bloomington beside them which was just awkward...and I loved it)

My friend who was with me had the BEST idea ever. She said I should keep a dry-erase board in the car for the ease of writing future messages to passing cars. Next time I am at Wal-Mart I am buying a dry-erase board because I feel like the next time I travel with Tim and Nathan we NEED this!