Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday

Well, I missed BOTH boys' birthdays this year. I'm a terrible friend/roommate. I literally had no idea when their birthdays were. That's a lie...I had an idea...I just completely forgot about it when the time got close. So I still owe both of them birthday drinks, or a birthday gift, or a birthday cake, or ANYTHING relating to their birthdays!

When I got home at 10:00 Sunday night and decided to clean the fridge/kitchen while I was putting groceries away I conveniently tossed some cookies that I thought had been sitting there out in the open for too long and were old. These were Nathan's birthday cookies from his lady friend. Considering I missed his birthday, I had no idea where they came from or what they were for. The next day I found out that they were special cookies and were, in fact, not old and Nathan was PISSED at me. He's so mad at me that he has avoided me for the past two days so he doesn't have to speak to me. Even though I know that he doesn't want my cookies, I'm just his roommate, I went ahead and made him some new cookies tonight. As I was mixing the ingredients I realized that the only stick butter we had was "salted light butter." I took food chemistry, I knew when I looked at the box that this was not going to be good, but I used it anyway. Typical to my nature of always being right, the cookies were a disaster and I blame it all on the butter. They were a large runny blob on the pan (the first of which I burnt to a crisp and had to open every window). The second blob on the pan I fed to Tim, and I tried to avoid letting Nathan see that I attempted to make him new cookies. It is hard to hide the smell of charred cookies in a small apartment. It was by far the worst baking disaster I have had since high school when I tried a new pie recipe and used frozen fruit. I have never and will never use frozen fruit in a pie again in my life. The same goes with salted light butter...

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