Sunday, May 2, 2010

Little Giants

As I was sitting here in the living room finishing writing the "Top Ten" post (please see two posts down), I was noticing the three copies of "Wabash Magazine" that we receive. (1 for Nathan, 1 for Tim, and 1 for Josh. I am surprised we don't get 1 for Sam, too) Anyway, I just needed to share this. The cover topics include:

Monon Mantra: "I WILL NOT FAIL YOU"

What Women Want From Their Wabash Men

Behind the Mask (What your doctor really thinks)

Secrets to a Long Happy Life

MORE SEX & better sleep

Recipe > for fitness

And beside all of these hot cover topics, there is a caricature man with a relatively small body, very large arms, and a HUGE head with HUGE eyes. This little giant of a man is literally smirking at me from the cover of "Wabash Magazine."

Ok, what I REALLY want to know is what I, as a woman, should be getting from my Wabash men. I can't wait to read that article. I also can't figure out why it says "More Sex and Better Sleep." Because since I have moved in here there has been no sex and worse sleep (bc of Tim's alarm clock...another story). And the best part of all of this? I was curious what this little man with such large features was doing on the cover so I hollered to the boys to ask them what their mascot is and they both responded with, "The Little Giants."

I laughed until I had tears rolling down my face. Excluding one guy in particular, everyone I have ever met from Wabash College is actually a "little giant." Let's face it, guys do not go to Wabash College for the girls...they go for the athletics and academics. They may not be large people, but they have large muscles, large brains, and large (sometimes awkward) personalities!

For the next time you wonder what a Hoosier is, I will tell you. A Hoosier is tradition.

A Little Giant is just what it says. And I need to go to bed so I can stop laughing out loud since both boys were insulted by my laughing, attacked me with pillows, and smothered me to try to get me to stop.

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