Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Call of the Wild

If you don't believe in retail therapy, you're probably full of BS. When one of the three of us who live here in the apartment makes a new purchase, it typically makes us very happy. Mine usually consist of clothes, shoes, really cool hats, etc. Tim's "happy purchases" may include milk (or lack thereof), movies, new 'get lucky' boxers, or something techie. The materialistic things that make Nathan happy usually involve firearms or other odd objects that we can add to our already-full hunting gear hall closet.

This week Nathan bought new turkey calls. He had to immediately show them to me when I got home yesterday and he urged me to try them out. It takes a certain "tongue talent" to get these little instruments to work. (That's what she said)

If you could please picture the two of us standing in my bathroom looking at ourselves and each other in the mirror for about 15 minutes making various pitched turkey noises through a device inserted on the roof of our mouths.

One day later (today), Nathan is no less obsessed with his new toys. He now enjoys just keeping these in his mouth to make music...or call turkeys...all evening. I caught him in action...enjoy!

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