Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nathan Did NOT Win the Lottery :(

Since Nathan was having the luckiest day of his life (he got an A on his test, won the hunting lottery previously mentioned, and found his shotgun sights he'd been looking for for months) we decided we should stop at the first sketchy gas station we could find on the way to the airport for real lottery tickets. So Hoppes, Nathan, and I all counted our pennies out to buy a couple of tickets each. In the words of Nathan, "The dirtier, the better."

Nathan did NOT win the lottery that day. He determined that his luck had run out. Hoppes must have picked up Nathan's luck because she won $5. Lucky.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Top Ten Reasons Tim is Still Single

Tim's creepiness dates back ages. Girls like me love his creepiness and end up living with him...and not being able to live without him. However, there are a handful of girls in the world who just don't understand the Tim we all know and love. The three of us in the APT can't figure out why girls don't fall head over heels for Tim. So Nathan and I have put together this list of episodes so that my blog audience can be the judge of why he is still a single man.

When Tim was in college he was smitten with a beautiful young lady. Nathan asked Tim,
"Hey, whatever happened with that girl?" Tim told Nathan that he did call her. When Nathan asked Tim how many times he called, Tim responded with, "Nine." So Nathan asked why he called so many times and Tim said, "Because I thought maybe she didn't have caller ID, or didn't realize I was trying to call." The girl never responded. Then, one evening shortly after, Tim decided to go for a late night run and happened to bump into this girl walking with another of his teammates and they both pretended the "nine calls in a few hours" never happened. Awkwarddd.

Tim is a better dancer than 99% of girls. They are intimidated by him.

When we are out he usually chooses to dance and hit on the old married women.

Somehow pieces of my laundry always end up mixed in with Tim's laundry. We are not sure how this happens, but when girls DO come over they find other girls' clothing in Tim's room. It's always mine, but he has gotten into BIG trouble for this before. I think it's hilarious :D

Tim makes everyone who enters the apartment for the first time do a beer bong. Male...or female.

His lovemaking playlist consists of Beethoven and Mendelssohn.

If Tim takes a girl fishin' in the dark out at the lake, it may be 20 minutes before he notices that when he was casting out his line it got caught on the grass behind him and he really hasn't had a line in the water at all.

Tim lives with a girl who will judge all other girls before they are allowed in his life. This is no short or easy judgment process, either.

Tim was facebook stalking one of his most recent attractions. (Don't act like this is creepy, you know you do it, too. And you probably not only stalk the person but also their friends' and families' profiles. Well Tim decided to go back approximately 3 years on her profile and comment on a post one of her friends had written.

(Girl's friend): "Hey girl! Are we still going out Thursday night??!" (Remember, this was 3 yrs ago)
(Tim Rickard Comment): "Wait...this Thursday?"

He switches his bedsheets between Monopoly and Star Wars

Wednesday, April 7, 2010



Ok, not the real lottery. This one is even better. It's the Salamonie Turkey Hunting lottery. Two years in a row Nathan put his name in the lottery for being allowed to hunt Salamonie and for two years in a row he has been chosen as one of the lucky few to hunt these beautiful grounds. I keep telling him to just sit on my front porch and take out the turkeys that continuously wonder through my parents' front yard. But he knows better because my mom would put a bullet in his ass if he shot something on her property :)


Tim was a productive guy last night. He watched multiple episodes of South Park while skyping with my friend who moved to Vietnam at the same time. (Tim has a camera on his computer, and I don't, so I added my friend to his skype)

From my bedroom in the back of the apartment I hear Nathan yell, "Hey Tim, can I get you some ice cream?" The boys like to be REALLY nice to each other in the area of getting the other one some sort of edible or drinkable substance that is bad for them. It's like a freakin game of "Let's see if we can make each other fat." Except their metabolisms and workout regimens don't allow them to gain a pound or an inch, unless it's a pound of muscle and an inch of bicep. But for ME it is not a game. I can look at ice cream and gain a pound. Not fair.

Anyway, Tim responds, "No, no ice cream but I'll take a Busch Light!" So of course Nathan quickly gets him a beer. All three of us then began a video chat on skype with my friend Josh, who was at work where all his coworkers could hear everything we were saying. And since everything around here is a family affair, we were all huddled around the computer camera (Tim and I were hogging it so Nathan wasn't really seen).

We ended the Skype session, I went to bed, and the boys went back to studying. At this point it was pretty late at night and Tim had nearly finished his beer.

When I woke up this morning there were three more beer cans at the sink.


Can't Live Without 'Em

It has been proven. I absolutely cannot live without these two boys. Now, I take a LOT of pride in my ability to be independent. I don't need anyone to do anything for me, especially not a man. I can do it myself. This stems back to when I first learned to talk. A majority of the Gidley home videos have me boldly stating (ok, more like yelling in a little kid voice) "ME DO IT!!" to my mother, father, sister, or anyone who was in my way or doing something for me that I felt I could do myself.

Well the boys took off on a Florida road trip for Spring Break and I was gone for a few days in LA, so I didn't even have to spend that much time at the apt by myself. But in the short period of a few days I broke the laundry room doors and ruined Nathan's nice dining room table with nail polish remover. Needless to say, the doors didn't get fixed until Nathan came home and fixed them because I couldn't get the dang things to line up on the track. And now I have to bring my dad down here to sand and refinish the spot on Nathan's table.

Out of this I have concluded that I do in fact need men in my life. But only three. Tim, Nathan, and dad.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Need a Refill?

This post as well as a few following are weeks late....sorry.

It was a Friday night. Nathan had the honor of being the only guy spending the evening with me, Stacy, Kate, and Megan. It was a small group compared to our usual weekend crew but it would turn out to be no less of an exciting night.

We got to Brothers and immediately ran into Kate's friends from school. The one who I spent a significant amount of time with during my senior year of college my roommate went right up to with a pitcher of beer and loudly asked, "NEED A REFILL?" And before waiting for a response he filled the guy's (who we'll call J-WAD) glass the rest of the way up with Bud Light when the starting drink was probably NOT beer. It was most likely some sort of mix of Johnny. I found this hilarious because I think he deserves to have his drink ruined.

We claimed a table back by the bathrooms (our typical place at Brothers) and proceeded to sit there for HOURS carrying on much louder than 5 people should. When it was time to head home we were quite the scene on the street. As I was leaving I saw a guy who I had been searching for through the window and THREW myself up to the window like I could give him a hug through the window, then blew him a kiss as my friends pulled me away by each arm.

The walk to the car did not get any better. Nathan was practically running and Kate's feet hurt so bad that she was literally threatening all of us that she was going to start crying. As Stacy was attempting to comfort Kate and reassure her that we were only about 30 seconds from the car Kate started making "crying noises". Like she was convincing herself to start crying. I was laughing so hard at her I actually WAS crying! I could barely walk because I wanted to fall to the ground laughing.

We realized that night that we do not need a large group to be just as crazy.