Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Tim was a productive guy last night. He watched multiple episodes of South Park while skyping with my friend who moved to Vietnam at the same time. (Tim has a camera on his computer, and I don't, so I added my friend to his skype)

From my bedroom in the back of the apartment I hear Nathan yell, "Hey Tim, can I get you some ice cream?" The boys like to be REALLY nice to each other in the area of getting the other one some sort of edible or drinkable substance that is bad for them. It's like a freakin game of "Let's see if we can make each other fat." Except their metabolisms and workout regimens don't allow them to gain a pound or an inch, unless it's a pound of muscle and an inch of bicep. But for ME it is not a game. I can look at ice cream and gain a pound. Not fair.

Anyway, Tim responds, "No, no ice cream but I'll take a Busch Light!" So of course Nathan quickly gets him a beer. All three of us then began a video chat on skype with my friend Josh, who was at work where all his coworkers could hear everything we were saying. And since everything around here is a family affair, we were all huddled around the computer camera (Tim and I were hogging it so Nathan wasn't really seen).

We ended the Skype session, I went to bed, and the boys went back to studying. At this point it was pretty late at night and Tim had nearly finished his beer.

When I woke up this morning there were three more beer cans at the sink.


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