Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Call of the Wild

If you don't believe in retail therapy, you're probably full of BS. When one of the three of us who live here in the apartment makes a new purchase, it typically makes us very happy. Mine usually consist of clothes, shoes, really cool hats, etc. Tim's "happy purchases" may include milk (or lack thereof), movies, new 'get lucky' boxers, or something techie. The materialistic things that make Nathan happy usually involve firearms or other odd objects that we can add to our already-full hunting gear hall closet.

This week Nathan bought new turkey calls. He had to immediately show them to me when I got home yesterday and he urged me to try them out. It takes a certain "tongue talent" to get these little instruments to work. (That's what she said)

If you could please picture the two of us standing in my bathroom looking at ourselves and each other in the mirror for about 15 minutes making various pitched turkey noises through a device inserted on the roof of our mouths.

One day later (today), Nathan is no less obsessed with his new toys. He now enjoys just keeping these in his mouth to make music...or call turkeys...all evening. I caught him in action...enjoy!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Girls' Night In

Friday night was meant to be taken easy. With the excitement of our friend Nicole visiting from New York on Saturday, we knew we needed to spend Friday preparing ourselves for the (excuse my french) shitshow that Saturday would be. So for the KD ladies (plus other very special friends) our way of preparing was ordering pizza and staying in to watch The Ugly Truth. Thankfully all of my friends know that whenever a girls' night is planned at my place, it will include boys.

**I would like to take a step back in time for a moment to preface the rest of our girls' night in story. Months ago when I first heard the words come loudly out of Nathan's mouth, "Oh THIS is embarrassing" I obviously went quickly to find out what was going on. It was then (followed by a few other incidents) that I realized my two roommates enjoy using that phrase to grab my attention and get me to walk into a situation where one of them is usually completely butt naked. I have since learned when I hear such a phrase to first grab my camera, and THEN walk in. (Sorry, photos will NOT be posted...I'm not looking to get kicked off of blogspot, people)**

Back to our girls' night in. With about 8 girls' eyes glued to the tv, feeling jealous of movie-only love story that was unfolding in the movie, I see Nathan waltz out from the hallway in merely a towel around his waste just to stop dead in his tracks in front of all the girls, look around, and say, "Oh THIS is embarrassing." True to his form, Nathan turned around and walked back out, but just before getting around the corner he dropped his towel so all the girls watched his bare butt walk away.

After this episode I heard Sonia yelling my name from the hallway saying that I was needed at the bathroom. I was most definitely not needed at the bathroom because once I got there BOTH boys were naked. Tim was pressed up against the sink and Nathan was just standing very awkwardly. I missed 30 seconds of movie for this image.

I haven't yet figured out why we even put movies in. The boys are a never-ending "reel" of fun to watch!

...And we're the three BEST friends that ANYONE could have!!

I have officially lost count of how many times we've watched The Hangover. I would like to give thanks/blame to my sister for buying it for me for Christmas.

Dear Sis,

We are losing sleep down here in Indy because we can't stop watching this movie. Please help.


If you ever come to visit our apartment you never know when you'll hear the words ring out, "HEY! There were Skittles in there!"

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A visit to the 'BASH

"The 'Bash" is to Wabash as "Btown" is to Bloomington. Tim and Nathan decided to take the risk of visiting my hometown, having dinner with my family, having a night out on the town at the infamous Kettle, and ultimately spending the night in the household I grew up in.

After a few directional phone calls the boys made it just in time for dinner. The meal was typical to our family meals held here in the apartment except there was an added Nathan (my sister's boyfriend) for added confusion. True to their relationship with my father, when dinner and dessert were done, the boys took all available food to present to my dad in the living room.

We goofed around awhile longer (and may have accidentally made Hoppes wait two hours on us) before we hit the town. First, though, Nathan tried to make friends with Buddy. (Buddy was NOT pleased)

After playing a couple of practical jokes on Hoppes (they involved the use of the name Heiser-please see previous post) we finally rolled up to the Kettle... known by all and frequented by many in the quaint little town. We posted up next to the entrance, claimed a corner table and proceeded to play card games while being extremely loud and obnoxious. The boys used their famous line of "THERE SHE IS" to older, questionably classy, women walking in the door, just to sink down into their chairs when they saw the husbands following. Tim and Nathan received many strange looks (most of which I'm sure they didn't even notice because that is typical wherever they go) but I could have been 100% correct on a prediction that they would get those looks. The people of my hometown HATE when they don't know who someone is and their entire life's story. Overall it was a fabulous time of playing Kings and "taking the little man off the cup."

The Hangover, and I mean the movie--not a legitimate hangover, was awaiting us at home. So after a few hours of fun in town we were all anxious to get home. The Bears snuggies Nathan had just given Tim and myself for Christmas were pulled out of their boxes, everyone put on pj's, and Kari, my sis, Nathan, Tim, and I all found a spot in the basement to watch one of the all-time best movies. (Which neither of the boys had seen yet) About five minutes into the movie everyone was sound asleep, except for Kari who was CRACKING up!

Around 4:30am I woke up, looked around at all the sleeping bodies, and tried to get people to get up and go upstairs to go to bed. The only person who would hear of such an idea was my sister, who goes into zombie mode once she's been asleep, but will sometimes listen. We had two beds set up for the boys in my bedroom but since they weren't budging, I said the hell with it and slept in one of their beds. Tim is an odd man when he sleeps. You can literally mold him into any position and he will sleep like that comfortably for the rest of the night. The way his neck was positioned on the tiny loveseat he was sitting on made me hurt just looking at him.

Upon waking later in the morning I learned from my mother that she tried her best to be polite and not make any noise that would wake the boys (who she thought were asleep in my room) So she went out to the laundry room to blow dry her hair in the morning so that the dryer would not be running on the same end of the house they were sleeping on. She told me that she shut the blow dryer off, opened the laundry room door (which happens to be close to the entrance to the basement) and heard some loud snoring (Tiiiiimmmm). She thought that was pretty strange so she walked down a few steps to find the boys and Kari fast asleep in the basement....Tim still in the same awkward position.

When Nathan and Tim finally woke up, we had some breakfast and then some morning entertainment:

The window in our kitchen is perfect for their version of the elevator, stairs, escalator, boat rowing, and many more. The boys were determined to watch The Hangover so we wasted the late morning hours of Christmas Eve day replaying the movie.

The last event that would take place in Wabash during their visit was a hunting trip. They got all decked out in Nathan's hunting gear to go catch us some food for the next week. Every time Tim needed to get from one spot in the room to the next while getting ready he somersaulted to it...which caused my dad to laugh just a little. We packed them a sandwich and sent them on their way to the woods.

It was sad to see them go. The next time Tim and Nathan would visit Wabash would not be so much fun. But that story is saved for a future blog post.