Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shopping Extravaganza

Yes, we went shopping together. I'm going to a wedding this weekend and there is a dress that I've been wanting for MONTHS and haven't found an excuse to buy. So I decided this wedding is the perfect reason to buy the dress. The only problem's a little different. I wasn't entirely sure if it was wedding appropriate. And I don't mean "appropriate" in a way that the dress is too revealing or etc., just couldn't decide if it was right to wear to a wedding where I don't know anyone except the guy I'm going with. I thoroughly enjoy walking into events and having people look at me and wonder "wtf is she wearing?" But I'd rather not embarrass the poor guy. Therefore, before buying the dress I needed my roommates to go to the store with me and tell me a guy's opinion. Like, if their date showed up in this dress what would they think?

When the boys walked in from class I immediately asked them to go to the mall with me. After Nathan literally groooooaaaannneeeddd for 30 seconds, he said, "Ok if you'll go to Gander Mountain and if you'll drive." I told him he had a deal. You have to understand that shopping (unless in a hunting or sporting goods store) is Nathan's LEAST favorite thing in the entire world. Luckily for us Tim agreed to come along and...he drove (the only one who didn't need to actually go somewhere). We went to Gander Mountain first. We were there SOOO long that I looked at everything in the store...twice. And I decided which tent I want for camping. AND I found a new turtleneck for IU tailgating this year. (Only IU tailgating veterans with me will understand my passion for the turtleneck) As we were finally leaving Nathan told me that a guy at the back of the store shooting his bow asked him if he was here with his girlfriend. He told him no, I'm just his roommate, and the guy said, "Oh, lucky guy." After hearing this I go "WHAT?!?! Was he cute??" Nathan told me he was not good looking and if he had been, he would have brought the guy over to meet me. I'm glad I can count on my roommates.

Finally it was my turn. Tim took us to Von Maur to check out the dress. The boys followed me through the store to the womens' dresses and sat in two chairs outside of the dressing room. They immediately fought over a random catalog lying there and I had to tell them to behave. It was like taking two children to the mall. I put on the dress and I could instantly see it in Nathan's face that he did not like it. And Tim said, "I think you're going to buy it whether we like it or not." This was a good example of how Tim is better at hiding what he thinks to be more compassionate towards what a girl wants. Through living with them I have learned that this really is the case. They both told me that it didn't look bad, it was just weird. Nathan asked me why I don't just wear a black dress. I don't think he understands that I never "just" do anything.

This post is getting a little on the long side so I'll finish the story quickly. We got back to the apt and Tim had to leave. Nathan wanted to try out his new broadheads on his bow so he had me act as security as he shot rounds at the target. I have to say...the deer don't stand a chance. Besides protecting any unsuspecting neighbors from walking into Nathan's shooting path, I also acted as the weight sitting on the target so that the arrows could be removed from the foam. That makes a girl feel good...

And so the story goes--Nathan and Tim went back to Gander Mountain today and this is what they returned with...

Complete camouflage raingear. Then we lost Nathan in the bushes

And while all this happened Tim ate yogurt

I just received a text that they are out riding four wheelers. It's 11:00pm. Whatever!

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