Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Though I have never been diagnosed with ADD, I've been convinced I have it since I was a freshman at IU and my friend Renee told me that I did. I've been struggling with boredom for the past couple of days. This is the first time all summer that I have had this problem. In fact, the past couple days I have been running for twice as long as I normally do because I figure why not...I have the time. Then, yesterday, when I got home from wandering around finding a birthday present for one of my best friends from home (her birthday isn't until Oct. 1st--and I NEVER do anything like that this early, obviously something is wrong.) I announced to the boys I was going for another run because I was bored. Nathan asked me if all I do is run and sleep. That's what it seems like this week. For awhile now I have been randomly asking him to hang all the framed pictures in my room and he tells me that is something I can do myself. So he told me, "why don't you hang those pictures instead of running." I kind of groaned at him and left.

Today I was SO EXCITED because my dad was coming to town to make a special delivery to me. I had it all planned out in my head how we were going to hang out all day and I would be entertained until well into the evening when he would head home. Part of our day included him hanging all of my pictures in my room...haha. Now, my dad has visited multiple times this summer and for some reason I forgot that he now visits to see my roommates, not his daughter. He discussed everything from the Bears game to religion with the boys before we went out to get some lunch and make a Wal-Mart run. Then my dad broke the news to me that he had to have the Uhaul home by 5:00 so he'd be leaving at 3:00pm. At exactly 3:05pm I became bored again.

I immediately decided I wanted to go swimming and texted the boys to see how soon they would be back from school and if they would go swimming with me. When they got home Tim had to go let a dog out and Nathan wouldn't go swimming because he had already swam laps at the Y this morning. So I said "fine" and went swimming myself. Nathan followed me out with the camera and snapped pictures as I jumped in.

I thought it would be funny to swim to my friend Liz's apartment. This is no small distance so I took a noodle as a flotation device, looked around and realized that if I get too tired I can just swim to the edge of the lake. So, with no potential danger, I took off and told Nathan to check on me in awhile.

To give you a better idea of the distance here is a picture:

Though I had a noodle with me (which horribly got in the way of swimming) I was so worn out by the time I got there that I got out of the lake and walked around the lake to get back. I think that the walk was as tiring as the swim. Plus, there is so much goose/duck poop that it was severely slowing my walk while I tried to avoid it.

I finally got back to the apartment just to jump off the dock right back into the lake because I was hot again. I tried to climb out of the lake but the problem with that is that the lake basically just drops off at the shore from mossy and mud covered rocks. I take a lot of pride in my ability to balance well on pretty much anything. It comes from years and years of ballet barre experience. I stepped my right foot up pretty high onto a giant rock and as I concentrated very hard on balancing myself to bring my left foot up to meet it, my right foot slipped right out from under me and got wedged between a bunch of rocks. Now that I stirred up all of the mud and muck that was on the rocks I looked around to see if anyone was watching and half expected Nathan to be posted outside with the camera. I noticed one neighbor trying not to watch me and I just awkwardly walked up the hill to the apartment.

When I got inside Nathan asked me what I was going to do next and I said, "Well, I dunno...I guess make dinner." Back to boredom. About 20 minutes later Nathan told me he was going back to the Y to go swimming and I got TICKED!!! I had been BEGGING him to swim with me!!! Ugh...they drive me nuts sometimes...

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