Friday, September 4, 2009


Just like any other fine student who starts at a new institution, Tim and Nathan decided they needed to be very involved with their new school. And...what better way to be involved than joining clubs?? So, one day as they wandered the IUPUI campus they decided to literally join every club. These include but are not limited to the PT club, the wrestling club (Tim hasn't wrestled since 8th grade), and the Indian club. They told me a couple nights ago not to wait up for them Thursday night because they had....(drumroll)....their first Indian club meeting.

I just found out the results of this meeting. Tim and Nathan are, of course, the two token white guys in the club. They found out that there are two Indian clubs on campus so when the club needed suggestions of things to do to "hang out" my ever-competitive roommates suggested a decathalon between the two rival Indian groups. They want it to be comprised of both academic and athletic events including (again not limited to) dodgeball tournaments, stanky leg dance competitions, and an academic bowl.

Their team obviously has a benefit on the athletic side because of these two token white guys

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