Monday, September 14, 2009


Nathan had the swine flu last week. Not really...I suppose that isn't funny. But he wasn't feeling well and it made him grouchy, a definite sign. Only I'm allowed to randomly be grouchy, I'm the female.

My sneezes always come in twos. (I get that from my dad) The boys always try to beat each other in who says "Bless you" to me first. And every time they say it it's in a different voice.

Last weekend Nathan decided to show Tim's "box" to a couple of my friends. Later in the night when we were with the much larger group of friends word spread very quickly. Now, none of my friends want to visit me. Thank you my dear roommates.

Whenever I decide to go visit our young, very good looking male neighbor the boys fire questions at me like when I'll be back and whether or not I put perfume on. I always end up standing at the door for about five minutes answering to them just to be able to go talk to/watch some football with a nice neighbor. Geez. They also have a rule set of no boys in the apartment when they're not here and for some reason I abide by it.

Today as they were getting ready to leave for school we were all in the kitchen and I was wearing an orange IU tee, Nathan in an old Bears jersey, and Tim in an orange Abercrombie shirt. I just looked at them both as we stood in the kitchen and go, "Wow, there's a lot of orange in here right now." BEAR DOWN!

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