Monday, October 5, 2009


Hart came to visit last night. This friend of Tim and Nathan's is one of my worst nightmares...but I also find him extremely entertaining. Literally, the last time he was here, I went to bed early while the guys went out and I was scared for my life that I was going to have to fight him to not get into my bed when they got home. Thankfully I think that night he passed out before he remembered I live here. And, before this summer, he was probably the person most excited about me moving in here. He swore he'd get to sleep in my bed every time he visited. I told him "in your wildest dreams."

So it's Sunday night and I get home from work completely EXHAUSTED. I had to take a short nap before grocery shopping and doing all of the necessary other things to do on a Sunday night. While I was asleep I remember hearing Hart's voice out in the living room and thinking, "Oh God, Nick is here." I went back to sleep just to wake up shortly after that because I sensed someone standing right over me. I opened my eyes and it scared the crap out of me to see Hart hovering over me with a bottle of Seagrams. Tim was at one end of the bed with a video camera going and Nathan was creepily standing at the other end of the bed. Hart said, "Julie, wake up and drink!" And I responded with a stern, "NO, GO AWAY"

They didn't listen.

After persuading me to sit up and take a sip of the Seagrams, Hart then asked if he could get in bed with me. I yelled at him again and all three boys finally went away. Then I realized I really did need to get out of bed and go grocery shopping or I wouldn't be eating lunch all week!

When I got home Nathan had gone back to his studying, Tim was with his girlfriend, and Hart was hanging out watching football on TV. It was exactly 9pm on Sunday night which meant it was time for Desperate Housewives, a show I've watched religiously since it began years ago. So, I used the sweetest voice possible and said, "Hey Niiiiccckkk, do you want to watch Desperate Housewives with me??" Of course he immediately said yes and Nathan came running to the living room to offer to bring us a blanket. My sweet voice was just a convincing way to get him to turn the television from football to ABC...and it worked. But a blanket wasn't necessary, we sat on opposite ends of opposite couches. Thankfully, Hart watched two hours of Desperate and Brothers and Sisters with me, the two shows I live for. However, being the mean person that I am sometimes, I had to shush him a few times when he tried to talk to me while the shows were on and also had raincheck multiple offers being the lucky person to give him a foot massage. I told him when he tries to cash in those rainchecks, he'll probably just get another raincheck. Sometimes I get a little harsh with him, but with good reason because of our history which is too long of a story for right now.

For a fellow blogger out there who is just DYING to know...I did end up buying the dress for the wedding. And even though my two roommates told me I looked like I was wearing a curtain, I wore it anyway and loved it! The guy I went as a date with didn't complain, so I guess all is fine :)

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