Thursday, August 27, 2009


Well the boys started their first day of school yesterday. It was cute, but a little crazy. I asked Nathan if I could take his picture for the first day and he told me no. He'll regret that later. Tim didn't have his parking pass yet and both boys realized that the regular school year at IUPUI is not the same as summer classes. As someone who has only taken summer courses at IUPUI, I still have no idea what it is like for the fall semester and can't imagine the place actually being...busy. But at least I get to hear about it when they get home.

We try to keep somewhat of an academic atmosphere here in the apartment. (Try being the key word) Both boys have been working for a couple years and I just graduated. But we're all in the same mindset that we have to continue with our studies. I'm studying for dental, Nathan wants to apply to PT school, and Tim is planning to apply to Med. The boys have to do their science pre-req's for the next year in order to do this. Obviously, we get a little sidetracked from these studies occasionally. But there's the background as to why they are even taking class this fall.

The madness of their first day also involved being late to class because of parking issues and finding out that they both ordered the wrong book. I got a call in the afternoon from them both asking me if I would look up the phone number of a bookstore. This was pretty important because they needed to get the book situation taken care of while they were downtown and evidently the wrong book number was posted online---not their faults. All of the sudden as I was searching for the phone number they hurriedly say to me, "Quick give us Stacy's number! She's walking in front of us." I gave them Stacy's number were gone. Clearly playing pranks on Stacy became more important than their book search.

I later found out that while the boys were in the student center bookstore Nathan decided to fart right in the middle of a group of people. And then he carried on like he didn't do anything while Tim observed the facial expressions of the surrounding people. The thing about this is...the past couple days Nathan has been farting a lot. And they aren't normal farts, they actually sound like he should go check his pants afterward. I can only imagine what the people around them thought on that first day of school.

Speaking of farting, the other night Nathan said, "Before you got here Tim and I wondered whether or not we should fart around you. I guess we decided it's ok." I asked him if they actually had that conversation before I moved in and he said, "Well, I know I had it with myself." I again reminded him of how weird he is.

We like to have what we call around here "family dinner". Last night during family dinner I discussed my current employment dilemma with the boys. Here's what I appreciate about them. As crazy and freakin WEIRD as they are, they are two REALLY smart boys. And for a few minutes we had an intellectual conversation where they posed questions to me regarding the job situation that I hadn't even thought of. This helped me so much and I love them for their insight.

After that conversation Tim decided to enlighten me with more of his so-called insight. He asked another excellent question that I'm sure everyone would love to know the answer to. "Why aren't buttcracks horizontal?" This was followed with more questions like, "Would they make toilets differently if buttcracks WERE horizontal?" I just cannot figure out what brings these things to his mind... It cracks me up (no punn intended) nonetheless.

Tonight's excitement: Nathan gave Sophie (his cat) a bath. He now has swollen bite marks on his arm. They also brought me home a gift that they found at Wal-Mart on their way home from the gym. It's a chip and dip tray with an IU symbol in the center of the dip dish. There must have been some sort of misprint (which I think is why they bought it) and around the outer chip part of the tray it says "Carolina Gamecocks". Thank you, boys.

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