Monday, August 17, 2009

Tim's stomach will be turnin and his butt burnin

Tim got back from New York. Thank goodness. The minute he got home from work this evening Nathan handed him a jalapeno pepper from the garden and told him, "eat this." (It was more of a habanero, not a jalapeno) And because Tim will eat anything, especially if Nathan tells him to, he took it and ate it without hesitating. There was a rule that came along with eating the pepper...Tim wasn't allowed to take a drink until five minutes later. With smoke coming out of his ears, five minutes later Tim gulped down his drink. This was about the time I handed him a jalapeno pickle to eat that I was using for the potato salad. He must have forgotten his recent spicy pain and gladly ate it. I yelled from the kitchen, "Tim your stomach's gonna be turnin" and Nathan finished it with, "And your butthole's gonna be burnin!"

Tim running to the bathroom:

Nathan fried the fish fillets to perfection and as we sat down Tim received a text from a friend. It went like this: A man said to his woman, "Make me something for dinner that reminds you of how good I am in bed." She fixed him cocktail weiners and minute rice. This was only the beginning of the dinner entertainment. Nathan decided to take the last of the fish fillets to the upstairs neighbors as a peace offering for never calling the cops on us for being too loud. Because he'd only been wandering around in his way too short running shorts all day, Nathan thought it'd be funny to put on a shirt that was too long. He did this, which WAS indeed funny, until my sister (who is visiting for the night) asked him why he didn't just put on the dress shirt that was conveniently hanging over the chair. Since this was a better idea Nathan changed shirts, only buttoned the top button, and added his hunting boots into the mix. Tim gave him his tie from that day and both boys decided he needed a hat. I'm thinking, "Oh this will be funny he should wear a backwards baseball cap." But no. Tim (who oddly keeps a box of random hats and wigs in his room) gave him a cop hat and Nathan turned out looking straight up like a mail-order stripper.

Nathan talked Tim into putting clothes on and joining him on the adventure of a peace offering. Tim's outfit turned out equally hilarious and consisted of knee high socks, boxers, a speedo over the boxers, three very heavy winter sweaters all in different colors, and a hot pink santa hat that said "Naughty". Oh yea...and an umbrella. Tim didn't want to go empty handed so he grabbed a cookie from the batch and took it to give to the neighbors as well.

The final event ended with the neighbors, who are probably in their mid 60's, joyfully inviting the boys in and the woman asked them in the most excited voice I've heard in a long time, "Oh, what's the PARTY for?!?!"

Upon the boys' return we found out that the cookie Tim chose to take to the neighbors was actually one that someone had already broken a piece off of. ONLY a guy would not notice that the cookie was not a full circle. After making fun of Tim the boys spent approximately 15 minutes heckling my sister and me with a variety of "I'm so horny..." jokes, pretending like they didn't know we could hear them.

The night ended with us all having "family movie night". Out of the choices of movies we, of course, picked the one starring Jessica Alba and Justin Timberlake "The Love Guru". About an hour into the movie as I was CRACKING UP I asked, "Is anyone still awake??" All three of them had been sound asleep the whole time. When the movie was over and the credits were annoying me I woke Tim up to ask him to turn it off because I (of course being the girl in the apt) didn't know how to work the playstation. His solution was to just turn down the volume. Even I could have managed that!

It is always nonstop entertainment here at the APT...

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