Sunday, December 6, 2009


A week after telling my mother that if someone asked me on a date I'd immediately tell him no because the VERY little spare time that I have I just want to spend doing my own thing...a nice young man asked me out. I turned down dinner... but told him I'd go to a movie.

Sunday evening rolled around and I literally had 15 minutes from the time I got home before he was going to pick me up. I had already warned my roommates that I was, in fact, going on a date and that they needed to prepare themselves to be nice (HA!) I flew in the door to run back to my room to get ready. At this point I realized that Nick Hart was visiting for the night (please see post "Hart") and I knew this would be no ordinary encounter with this new guy. As I was back in my room multi-tasking (trying to restraighten my hair at the same time as change my clothes and shoes at the same time as eating dinner at the same time as answer the thousand phone calls I get on Sundays) I heard the boys scheming. Nathan came back and casually says, "Well, it's time to clean my guns." He got out all of his hunting guns, and most likely some others. While Nathan dug out his guns, Tim dug out his wigs. The three boys sat in the living room in mullet wigs (see pictures in previous post) and guns in hand. I was just finishing brushing my teeth (my favorite thing in the world to do) and I heard them answer the door. The next thing I heard was a loud chant of the guy's name until he agreed to bong a beer. My roommates have perfected what I just generally call, "The Chant". They have figured out that along with their strong peer pressure, chanting someone's name will ALWAYS make the person do whatever it is they want. That POOR boy!! I tried to hurry out to the living room to save him, but he was thankfully a very good sport.

As we walked away from the apartment I half-way apologized. I would never apologize for knowing, living with, and loving the two of them...but sometimes I have to apologize for not giving fair enough warnings.

If you want to date me I come with baggage. And that baggage is wrapped up into two excellent, but crazy, roommates.

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