Monday, December 7, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Snow. The wonderful thing that means it's time to wear sweaters, scarves, fuzzy hats, and cute boots (or in my case gigantic snowboots suitable for a blizzard). Overnight last night we had our first snowfall of the year. After a friend from home called me pretty early to warn me about the roads, I knew I'd have to get ready quickly and allow some extra time to get to work.

I recently found out something that I really should have known, or realized, for my entire life. A doctor's strategy is to double book their days in order to fill in cancellations, etc. Luckily for everyone who will someday be my dental patient, I overbook my LIFE. This means I have a lot of practice...which in turn means I will be an excellent doctor. :) Anyway, this pertains to our snow day because I have been struggling lately with my car being frosted over in the mornings and I've really been cutting it down to the last minute on getting to work. So I hurried this morning, put on my dress clothes for work, got out my overly rugged boots (a fabulous combination with my outfit), and actually went out to my car early to start it and clean it off. When I walked out my door I was facing about 5 cars covered in snow. But when I looked at mine the entire front windshield was clean. Tim, who has to be at work an hour before me and has a much further drive, had already done this for me. I instantly smiled and thought to myself, "This is going to be a great week." I've been a fairly spoiled person my whole life. Not spoiled to the point that I don't appreciate things, or understand the value of a dollar, or know how to do things myself, but spoiled in the manner that I have a father who has two daughters that he would do ANYTHING for to make their lives easier. When I was in high school my dad always cleaned off our cars and ran them for awhile in the very early morning hours so that they would merely need warmed up to head to school. In college, I walked everywhere. Cleaning off my car to get to class was never a concern. Considering I think of my dad as a great man (actually the best I've ever met), when I saw Tim's act of kindness I couldn't help but think, "Now THAT is a good man."

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