Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My apologies...I should have given an overview of the trip that is beginning. For those people who I don't regularly keep up with, Nathan is moving to Miami, Fl. Tim and I are helping him move. By helping him move, I mean we are using this as an excuse to go to Miami and stay for free.

It took Nathan up to the last minute to decide where he was heading to school. And with a love for the Midwest in his heart, he chose Florida! Of course I always knew he would because he is the male version of me. This has been an ongoing joke for two years, but it's true. And if I had the opportunity to leave for awhile and then come back, I'd take it in a heartbeat.

We have an exciting trip planned. I've got the dry erase board ready, you know, for in case we get stuck in traffic and want to communicate with other drivers. We'll be making a stop in Ft. Laudy to pick up Ms. Kate, and we will potentially do some deepsea fishing. A couple of my friends are comin down to visit from the St. Petersburg area and Tim and I intentionally booked our seats on the flight home across the aisle from each other rather than beside each other. Obviously, this is so we can pretend like we've never met ;).

And we just started the Jason Aldean cd over again...

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